Summer Slim Down: Losing Weight Safely

Personal Training Deerfield Beach

Summer is finally here! Time for thousands to flock to the beaches and pools for some fun in the sun. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, and other outdoor adventures beacon us to explore all that South Florida has to offer. For some, the summer inspires renewed dedication to one’s health and fitness, too. Wanting to be better for yourself and to reach your fitness goals is about more than just looking good in that new bathing suit or fitting into your favorite jeans again. It’s about gaining the strength, endurance, and agility to take on all the world has to offer with confidence. 

If you’re beginning your fitness journey this summer, or looking for ways to boost your results, Say Fitness is here to help! Here’s a breakdown of the three most important things you need to know about losing weight- and keeping it off- safely. 

Get a Fitness Assessment 

Many people who want to begin a fitness journey make the mistake of expecting too much of their bodies too soon. Running is a great way to get some cardio in, but expecting yourself to be able to run a full mile right away is unrealistic and can make it difficult to want to stick to your fitness journey. The same is true for trying to push yourself to breaking every time you hit the gym. That’s where Say Fitness comes in! 

Visit us and get a fitness assessment in Deerfield Beach to help you understand your base level strength, flexibility, and stamina. From here, you can better focus on the areas you would like to improve and develop an exercise routine that best suits your needs and lifestyle.  

Understand the Importance of Nutrition 

Whether you’re on a weight loss journey, a weight gain journey, or just looking to improve your physical health, understanding nutrition is key. What you eat is the fuel your body uses to perform, so providing it the right nourishment can help you along your fitness journey. If you’re looking for ways to achieve weight loss in Deerfield Beach, start by examining your diet. Cutting back on fast food, high calorie drinks like sodas and juice, and being mindful of portion sizes is a good place to start!  

Not sure where to start? Seeing a nutritionist can help you develop a fully customized nutrition plan that supports your fitness journey. 


Safe and natural weight loss in Deerfield Beach doesn’t happen overnight. Making small changes each day and sticking with those lifestyle choices will lead to sustainable results. Be sure your weight loss plan fits your lifestyle and is sustainable. Planning for cheat days or special occasions can help you stay on track with eating healthier, and Say Fitness can make it easy to fit a workout into your life. Switch it up to keep it fun! Set monthly goals and work toward becoming a better you! Need help to stay motivated? Hit the gym with friends and find fun ways to stay active. 

Say Fitness is more than just a workout studio. Our team treats you like family, helping to keep you motivated and moving forward on your fitness journey. Contact us now or stop by to learn more about how we can help you!