Resistance Training May Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

In this article from Sports Medicine Bulletin by the ACSM, resistance training or weightlifting is increasing in popularity and is now recognized as an important component of a general exercise program. Regular muscle-strengthening exercise is recommended for both men and women, older adults, as well as adults with chronic conditions. The benefits of resistance training has shown benefits of neuromuscular function, strength, endurance, and bone density. However, recent research has shown that it could also help with your cardiovascular system.

Heart attacks and strokes are caused by blood clots that partially or completely blocks blood flow, restricting delivery of oxygen to important organs and tissues. About 2.7 million Americans experience a clot-induced event each year. Doing little or no exercise can cause an increase of blood clot activity leading to more complications for your health. Doing regular exercise training can reduce your blood clots and even dissolve a clot once it forms. Seeing this health change is one of the many ways regular exercise can improve your heart health.

A recent study issued by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 16 healthy women and men completed a resistance training program based on the ACSM guidelines for improving muscular strength. They trained three times per week for eight weeks. Each session targeted all major muscle groups performed at an intensity that corresponded with 6-8 reps, lifting at a heavier weight to increase their muscle mass much faster. The key finding of this study was a significant training-induced reduction in plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), a protein that inhibits activity of the plasminogen system, which dissolves blood clots. This suggests the capacity to dissolved blood clots is enhanced after training, reducing your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.

After learning from this study not only is resistance training important for your muscular and bone health but also helping to improve your heart health in reducing any major risks.

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