Reinventing Thanksgiving

Nothing tastes better than Turkey with all the trimmings! But what to do with leftovers? Reheating is one option. Refrigerated leftover turkey and stuffing is only good for three or four days. And, for safety’s sake, reheat to an internal temperature of 165°F .

Another option: Reinvent your Thanksgiving feast a day or two later.

  • Make a hearty harvest stew. Start with leftover gravy (fat skimmed away) as the base. Make it hearty with leftover turkey and veggies. Thicken with mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. Cook to 165°F.
  • Stack a turkey-berry wrap. Wrap sliced turkey, spread with cranberry sauce and shredded greens in whole-wheat tortillas. Add toasted pecans if you have some.
  • Blend cranberry smoothies. Blend cranberries with frozen yogurt and orange juice.
  • Freeze turkey stock in small amounts. Later, thaw in the refrigerator and cook couscous, pasta, rice or soup with the stock instead of water.
  • Toss a crunchy turkey salad. Toss cubed turkey with celery, apples and light mayo with shredded baby spinach.
  • Make a stuffing frittata. Mix stuffing with eggs and cook through, pancake-style.