Everyday Good Choices

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As you know, we are free to think and make our own decisions. Some decisions in life have a bigger impact on you than others. Being healthy, and staying healthy should be paramount to any other decisions you make in your day. We all WANT to be healthy, to feel and look great but how do we get there? I know it sounds cliché but you have to make an effort every single day. There are some easy ways to sneak in extra fitness during your day. For example, when shopping, park much farther away than you normally would. Or, have the bagger at the grocery store pack your bag extra heavy. Carry as many as possible, (without dropping) and without using cart. Treat your body daily with bending, twisting, stretching, lifting, pushing and pulling. Did I mention balance? Balance is often a neglected component of an exercise routine.

After you make all those good choices for yourself in a day, we can’t forget the component to being healthy that will be responsible for 85% of your results…..your nutrition! Again, if we take out the mystery and intrigue all you have left is a well-planned eating plan. That should be breakfast, small snack, lunch, small snack and dinner. Lots of water, easy on the added salt and try to stay away from processed foods that come out of a bag or box. Another good nutrition choice would include NOT skipping meals. Next time I’ll talk about the why that is important. Start making better choices today than you did yesterday for yourself.

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