Benefits of Strength Training in Lighthouse Point

Benefits of Strength Training

Everyone has different reasons for beginning their fitness journey. Whatever your inspiration to improve your health and boost self-confidence, it takes time to find what works for you and your body. It is easy to get frustrated when it seems like nothing you do is working, but consistency is the key to seeing results.  

The most important factor to consider when developing your workout regimen is how your body works. Fat develops as a means of energy storage for later use. As such, burning fat requires muscle engagement. Both cardio and strength training achieve this goal, but finding which works best for you can be a challenge. Often women avoid weight lifting for fear of bulking up, but everyone can benefit from strength training in Lighthouse Point.

Benefit #1: Skeletal-Muscular Health

Weight loss isn’t the only reason people hit the gym. At Say Fitness, we support clients in their fitness journey no matter what the goal. Strength training as part of your exercise regimen has benefits beyond the scale.  

By strengthening you core muscles, you enforce your body’s overall skeletal-muscular health. This includes skeletal support, which can prevent injury, and organ protection for improved health.

Benefit #2: Boosted Metabolic Rate 

If your goal is weight loss, strength training in Lighthouse Point can help in ways cardio-only regimens do not. While cardio intensive exercises like running or swimming burn fat by elevating the heart rate, building muscle through weight lifting can increase your overall metabolic rate. In layman’s terms, more muscle means higher calorie burn, even when you’re not in the gym. 

Benefit #3: Disease Management 

For people with chronic health conditions, strength training as a form of exercise has huge benefits. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease are all health conditions that benefit from regular exercise, especially strength building regimens.

Benefit #4: Chronic Pain Management 

It may seem counter-intuitive to use strength training in Lighthouse Point to help address pain, exercise has been proven effective in addressing chronic pain. Inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis and muscular-skeletal conditions like fibromyalgia may improve with strength training. As previously noted, building muscle can reduce stress on the bones, joints, and organs, reducing pain and other symptoms.

Benefit #5: Reverse Aging Factors

It’s true when they say ‘use it or lose it.’ Our bodies change as we age. Engaging in physical activity is necessary to maintain your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Loss of muscle can reduce mobility and cause other health issues. Strength training helps one feel revitalized, stronger, and more youthful.  

Strength Training in Lighthouse Point with Say Fitness 

At Say Fitness, our goal is your goal. We offer a judgement-free zone to get the individualized attention you need for your journey. Our personal trainers are knowledgeable and experienced enough to help you strive toward your goals. Even if you don’t want personal training help, our state of the art facility offers everything you need to get the most out of strength training in Lighthouse Point. 

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